Alice Kate Philipson

Alice Kate Philipson

she / her
London, United Kingdom


Alice grew up in Bristol, where she studied art, maths and psychology and then went on to art college at Bristol School of Art.  She had the option of a graphic design module, but didn’t know what it was and took photography instead. After working for a large architectural practice, she decided to train in interior design.  Alice completed her degree at Manchester School of Art, where she won a number of awards for her work (including the Hermione Granger Award from her tutors) and graduated with first class honours. Alice turned down a job with a renowned interior design firm in London and took off to India.  

Six months in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal led to a year working and travelling around Australia, where she was offered a job in Bali.  Alice spent the next two years on this tropical island, expanding her interior design expertise into graphics and branding.  A global pandemic sent Alice back to the UK and living with her parents in the British countryside, and she delved into the world of digital art. 

Two and a half years later, Alice now works freelance as a graphic designer and artist, and has exhibited on Piccadilly Circus and at Red Gallery in Dalston.

Artist Statement

Much of Alice's work was created during the pandemic when travel was near impossible, her collection ‘it’s a colourful life’ captures the essence of cultures from around the world, featuring photographs and illustrations of New York, Peru, China, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, India, Portugal, Spain, the UK and much of her flat. 

Alice spent much of the last two years creating out of her livingroom-office-studio and using her flat as a personal gallery.

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