Claire Zanelli

Claire Zanelli

She / Her
London, United Kingdom


Claire Zanelli is a London based oil painter who grew up between New Zealand and Italy. Her work is often influenced by the Renaissance and Baroque painting styles which she spent years honing as a craft.
Having lost a parent at a young age she has always been intrigued by death and how it reshapes our identity. Whether it be the unending grief of losing a loved one or the contemplation of our own mortality, death is the ultimate unknown and therefor the most feared aspect of the human condition.

Artist Statement

There is always an 'otherness' associated with death. This is a topic that many cultures sanitise and hide away with embalming, with religion, and with watered down words like ‘passed away’. Claire's art is a way to mediate between the ‘otherness’ and the self.
She uses a traditional and symbolic approach to still life with an attention to detail that entices the viewer to look deeper and contemplate the beauty in a theme that is often considered too dark to find alluring. Counteracting vague memories, the images keep a level of clarity that age and death do not traditionally allow.

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