Elise Mendelle

Elise Mendelle

She / Her
London, United Kingdom


Elise’s figurative work explores the link between experience and emotion - what it means to be alive and present, how we interact with our surroundings, and how we feel about ourselves in today’s world. Elise is inspired by the simplicity of everyday moments and how each person uniquely connects with them in a meaningful and resonant way. Elise’s most recent achievements include showing her work at the Affordable Art Fair at Battersea Park, receiving Artist of the Month at Dark Yellow Dot, and exhibiting at Colorida Gallery in Portugal and D-Contemporary in London.

Artist Statement

Focused on the female form, my art visually describes a thought, feeling or emotion for the viewer to connect with. Sometimes what is present on the canvas is just as important as what’s not, giving the viewer space to explore and uncover their connection with my work. My paintings often evoke a memory, remind the viewer of a loved one or a specific time and place, but create a feeling that is extremely personal to them. I mainly paint with acrylics, with bold and carefully placed mark making, and reduced colour palettes to fit into modern decors. The main idea behind my work is to offer a place for me to escape and dream while I’m creating it, and give viewers a similar experience when visually taking it in.

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