Isabela Garcia

Isabela Garcia

she / her
Seattle, United States


Bela is a self-taught, Seattle based watercolor artist and environmentalist. Watercolor as a medium specifically drew her in due to its dynamic but ephemeral nature. Every piece to her is a unique collaboration between color and water, between precise lines and free flowing movement. She focuses on whimsical, moody, and reflective works that take inspiration from the natural world.

Artist Statement

I paint because I am a painter. I have painted since my hands could first hold a brush and I will paint until I am no longer. I paint when I am confronted with the unblinking eyes of the future or when I feel helpless in the face of climate change. I paint when I am inspired by tattoo flash or find an interested object in a vintage shop. At my core I paint hoping that I’m not yelling into the eternal void. I paint to find connection in the vastness of this world.

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