Justin Auld

Justin Auld

He / Him
Portland, United States


Justin Auld was born and raised in Vermont and has been living and working in Portland since 2000. Art has always been an integral part of his identity. He has been creating drawings and paintings since he was able to hold a pencil. He received a BFA in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1996 and then gained proficiency in digital art from 6 years working as a professional graphic designer in Boston and Portland. In 2005 he earned an MFA in Studio Arts from Portland State University which led him to branch into many different forms of art including video, installation, and conceptual art. His work explores the connection between art and the brain’s tendency to find images in random patterns.

Artist Statement

In the world of Quantum mechanics the word Quantum is used to describe multiple states at once of a particle. In these Quantum works the goal is to present the viewer with simultaneous options of what in image can be. We all have the ability to question our line of perception only by opening up the mind to see beyond what is communicated between the brain and the eyes can we explore other worlds.

The theory of a multi-universe rings true when considering each person inhabits his or her own universe. It flows outwards from the individual to create their reality, only by seeing this truth and allowing your line of perception to be challenged can you see beyond your own universe and to see multiple ones.

In quantum physics a collapse model is used to describe the moment when a particle becomes a fixed object from its multiple states of potential. It exists as a multitude of possibilities and then "collapses" into one.
Quantum Paintings act as a window into the pre-collapsed state of observation. They present all the potential visual possibilities to the viewer and shift to become many options over multiple views.

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