Roopa S Basu

Roopa S Basu

London, United Kingdom


 British born artist Roopa S Basu loved nothing more than creating spaces and structures with building blocks as a child. Her playtime was noticed by established architects who “sensed within her a deeper understanding of architecture which was astonishing for her age”. While honing her architecture skills, she also nurtured her talents in other creative arts, including music, painting, dancing and sculpture. 
Since then, she has lived on three different continents and pursued three different arts: architecture, music, and visual arts.

She left India as a teenager in 1998 on a music scholarship. She was the only student selected from India to attend the summer programme at Brevard School of Music, USA as a concert pianist. After completion, she got another scholarship to study Architecture at Philadelphia University.

Drawn to the digital arts scene, Roopa opted to study graphic arts as a supplement at university, and then switched to Communication, Arts and Design. Upon her return to the UK in 2009, she further did an MA (cert) course from University of the Arts London in Visual Communication (LCC).

In her current home of London, Roopa runs her successful design practice alongside her art studio. She continues to explore the world of visual arts, working with digital, paint and mixed media and finding new ways to combine contrasting  styles and skills. 

She has worked with the local authority on arts projects that engage young people and others from the city’s diverse communities. She is currently on the Creative Industries Employer Advisory Panel for South Thames College, informing on the curriculum and its practical relevance to the creative industry. 

Roopa’s art has been exhibited at various venues and is currently on display in Clapham Junction station as part of the ‘Framed’ Exhibition organised by Wandsworth Arts. Her work was selected to be a part of the ‘British Art’ exhibition held at Gallery Kobun in Tokyo in April 2023. 

Artist Statement

Roopa S Basu is a London-based artist whose work is an enchanting blend of fine art and digital media. Drawing on her background in architecture and design, Roopa’s creative process results in captivating pieces that explore the interplay between tradition and innovation.
With a passion for experimentation, Roopa loves to push the boundaries of different media - from paint to digital software and everything in between. Her innovative use of mixed media results in unique works that are a fusion of art, illustration, and digital prints.
But Roopa’s art is not just about aesthetics. It is her way of making a positive impact on the world around her. Her community work and dedication to social causes are just as important to her as her art. Roopa aims to create art that inspires others to think globally and act locally, leaving a lasting impression on her viewers.
Having lived on three different continents and pursued three different arts, Roopa brings a wealth of cultural influences to her creations. Through her ‘melting pot’ approach, she breaks down barriers and creates connections between cultures, technologies, and ideas.
For Roopa, art is a powerful tool for building bridges and fostering understanding, especially in times of adversity. With her captivating creations, she strives to promote healing and harmony in a world that can often seem divided.

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