Usoa García

Usoa García

London, United Kingdom


I am Basque, living in Notting Hill for 25 years.
I was originally educated as a scientist and have a previous career as an investment banker and management consultant, shifting to the arts only in the last decade. My art journey includes a five year stint self-publishing fiction, followed by assisting fund-raising for opera and a renewed passion for textile art, mainly wire weaving .
My art has been selected this year for the D31 Autumn exhibition in Doncaster and The Paragon Exhibition at The Holy Art, London Dalston.
At this moment, I am following a course with Heather Orr and Caroline Bartlett at Morley College to explore new textiles and layering techniques.

Artist Statement

I love cable. I learnt crochet from my grandmother. My favourite film is Átame, 'Tie me Up'

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