Allison Scianna

Allison Scianna

She / Her
Vancouver, United States


Ally (Short for Allison) was born in San Jose, CA. She was diagnosed with ADHD in the 4th grade and didn't really do great in school. In college she studied elementary education, wanting to become a public school teacher. After working at some pre-schools and doing some private tutoring she discovered that teaching was not the path she was supposed to be on. Now, Ally is a self-taught artist and illustrator living in Vancouver, WA with her supportive husband and two adorable cats. Never wanting to do the same thing twice she is constantly learning new things and experimenting. She finds inspiration everywhere and learns techniques as she goes using youtube, skillshare, or good old fashion trial and error. The artwork she produces is bright and filled with joy.

Artist Statement

I feel most beautiful when I make beautiful things.
This is the meaning behind most of my work. I am a mixed media artist because I am constantly changing what mediums I am working it. Right now it is mostly acrylics, scraps of paper, gouache, and any other art supplies I can find at the thrift store. I love painting bright and colorful paintings, if the painting does have a subject it is something that simply brings me joy. Maybe one day my art with have some deeper important meaning, but for now it is just things that make me happy. I hope they can bring you joy as well.

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