Ana Kim

Ana Kim

she / her / hers
Chicago, United States


Ana Kim (b. 1995, South Korea) is an individual artist. She received her BFA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2018. Since then, she has been working as a full-time artist with studios based in two cities- Seoul and Chicago. She is now working in Chicago, IL. Not only within South Korea and the United States, but her works have also been presented on international platforms in France, Germany, Japan, and England. Ana also engaged in many art projects, including projects with the Korean government, residencies, and publications.  

Artist Statement

Shaping the extraordinary, this is a theme that I as an artist aim to create. The norms and perceptions of the current world create boundaries in people’s minds. By placing animals and nature within my paintings, I seek to use my visual voice to convey my genre with no boundaries. The subjects on my canvas do not correlate with normal ecosystems, food chains, or habitats and sit with abstractive flows of colors. My work mainly strives to address environmental and societal issues. By arranging my subjects, I question: what is the norm, and who defines it? As a contemporary surrealist painter, I create art that disregards—that violates—expectations and is demarcated from vague notions of reality.

Images from my paintings are the reflection of my experiences and influences from contemporary media, and they are expressed in one space as a painting with a juxtaposition of reality, utopia, and future. By arranging the subjects on one surface, I am to create a distinctive genre and translation. My paintings are meant to generate questions and conversation about social issues: What can art do for social issues like environmental problems? Also, I convey the solid message about the social issues that humanity needs to take care of. I work to be an artist who can lead my viewers to act or have a motivation towards the current environmental concerns. Viewers interpret art differently depending on their own culture and experiences. Though their translations may vary, they all seem to be aware that animals in my paintings are threatened. I express that wildlife and humans live on the same earth, but animals' lives are more easily disregarded. Recognizing the problematic endangerment of wildlife is central to transitioning from conflict to coexistence. Animals in my painting are at risk, due to human’s control and ignorance of the environment. Our neglect could create a recurring cycle of development and destruction.

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