Ana Melo

Ana Melo

she / her
London, United Kingdom


My name is Ana Melo and I am a visual artist.I am 36 years old,  from Lisbon but live in London. To start making art was not an easy or early decision. By the time I started I had been workingas a therapist for many years and for me art and therapy are extremely intricate practices. It was a natural process and it was my work as a therapist that pushed me to start making art and, in turn, the process of making art functions as my own therapy.

It was only two years ago with the lockdown that I decided to take formal training in fine art. I did that at the Chelsea College of fine arts in London.  Until then I was self taught. Before starting making art I have studied Graphic Design and before that Law.  I have had numerous jobs in between like working as a creative for advertising, working in a florist, cafe, teaching assistant, you name it. Looking back all of these jobs taught me something valuable and add value to what I do now. 

Artist Statement

Ana's work is essentially about making her audience feel less lonely in this weird journey called Life. In modern society we rarely talk about our true feelings and emotions which can make one feel very left out, weird and believing thats something wrong with him/her. By using the production of art as her own therapy and medium of channeling emotions, Ana aims to show people that there other human beings  who also feel the same darkness, and most importantly that this is human and it can be taken with a pinch of salt. It all comes in the package of Life! 

What stands out in Ana's work is that the intention behind it is always to help alleviate her in moments of stress, tension, confusion, loneliness. In a way her process of making art functions as her therapy Its this honesty and authenticity that gives the work enough realness to connect with people, provided the experiences are relevant to them of course. 

To achieve the effect written above, Ana does not stick to any particular medium: started off with drawing and painting, then jumped to some sculpture until she recently started working with textiles and integrating all the different techniques in the same piece. Her choice of medium is directly linked to what and how she is feeling and hence whats going on in her life at that point. The use of colour for self expression has been a constant throughout the artist’s work, regardless of the medium she uses.  

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