Andreano Fariñas

Andreano Fariñas

he / him
Seattle, United States


Andreano loves to portray passion, color, & shape, and texture in his portfolio of work. Developed from his academic background, he found a knack to express diverse works of art utilizing many styles and mediums such as oil paint, watercolor, acrylic, pencil, pen & ink, and marker.

By trade, Andreano is a management consultant & focused on accounting & information systems throughout school. However, his passion lies with art and he is excited to share his work with those that might appreciate it in the Seattle area.

Artist Statement

Dre's academic background as it pertains to art lies in draw, paint, and design as well as commercial art. Ethnically, Dre is Filipino, Native American, & Italian. Some of his works reflect his Filipino & Native American roots which he values as a part of his identity.
Rich in color, depth, and substance-Dre's art represents his interpretation of humanity & the world around him. He dives deep into what's seen and unseen portraying his perception of the physical and metaphysical environment we live in.
His yearn to understanding people, emotion, culture, and the world's beauty inspires Dre in his continual pursuit of artistic expression.

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