Angela Dierks

Angela Dierks

She / her
London, United Kingdom


London based, German artist Angela graduated from the University of Oxford with an M.St. in European Literature (1993) followed by an MA in Integrative Counselling (2009) and Diplomas in Couples Psychotherapy (2012) and Clinical Supervision (2014). Angela started painting in 2006. She is a self-taught as an artist with both literature and psychotherapy influencing her work as an artist. Between 2021-2022 Angela was mentored by Jens Kilian at the Freie Akademie für Malerei, Düsseldorf, Germany, which gave her a more formal understanding of the underlying principles
of painting and enabled her to understand her own process as an artist more clearly.
Recently Angela has shown her work at The Other Art Fair London, March 2023, at Arbeit Studios In Palmers Green, April 2023 and at the London Lighthouse Gallery in May 2023. She has been preselected for a group show at the gallery Green & Stone, Fulham, London. Angela’s work can be found in private collections across the globe.

Artist Statement

I am an abstract mixed media painter. The starting point is always mood which is reflected in the chosen colour scheme. My paintings are a continuation as well as counterpoint to my work as a psychotherapist: the work is emotionally guided and
process driven with a sense of direction but a not-yet-known outcome. My work aims to create a sense of harmony and balance often in response to the less harmonious and distressing material I work with as a therapist. I find respite by walking in green surroundings. The beauty of the natural world is often the starting point for my desire
to create vibrant, yet calm and soothing pieces of art.

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