Anna Kolosova

Anna Kolosova

she / her
London, United Kingdom


Anna Kolosova is an internationally exhibited artist and curator, having held exhibitions in London, Milan, Dusseldorf, Moscow as well as being featured in The Guardian.

Artist Statement

Anna is a contemporary artist living in London. Her practice is painting in an “expanded field”, experimenting with materials, dimensions and with life itself. She makes abstract, mixed-media, performative in nature works with elements of text and found images or objects. Anna gravitates towards urban styles but mixes those with the classical notions of painting, such as the Golden Ratio.

Anna has synaesthesia, so she paints sounds, smells, numbers and text as “seen” in colour. During her Synesthetic Action Painting performances, she explores that by directly responding to sound or smell, depicting her visions live in front of an audience.

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