Anna Sparks

Anna Sparks

she / her
Seattle, United States


Anna Sparks, born in Seattle, is a mixed media artist, designer, photographer, and all around 'arranger' of things. Coming from a long line of creative women, she knew she wanted to be an artist from an early age. She studied photography and graphic design at Western Washington University, moving to Seattle after graduating to work at a prominent art gallery. At age 27, she moved to NY to pursue her artistic dreams. Not even 3 years into this journey, she experienced an unprecedented seizure and had to undergo brain surgery on Christmas Eve. She made a full recovery back in the Pacific Northwest where she currently lives. She fills her time enjoying nature, friends and family, art and yoga.

In addition to exhibiting her own fine art, Anna is an arts administrator and UX designer who has curated both visual and musical performances — providing event organization, community development, marketing, and communication expertise. She is a founding partner of the Stay Happy Collective in Seattle, WA.

Artist Statement

I combine my love for traveling, visual storytelling, and collecting things with my desire to spread a message and document my surrounding environment. In my abstract mixed media pieces and analog collages, I work intuitively by immediately attacking the canvas or paper in an abstract way. As a street and culture documentarian, I try to approach subjects with respect, grace and understanding and build connections that develop within society. The resulting works depict lines, shapes, and colors as I see them.

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