Arabella Yapp

Arabella Yapp

she / her
London, United Kingdom


Biography: Arabella Yapp born 1965

Arabella Yapp is a South London based artist who studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths and Middlesex Universities. She is inspired by her environment and the people around her. Her works have a strong autobiographical element using life events, friends and family as inspiration.

Artist Statement

Arabella deploys a representational style infused with a sense of magical realism and has a strong interest in light and colour. She walks extensively throughout London and on her travels while taking many photographs which inform her Cityscapes and Landscapes. She also has a keen interest in portraiture and has completed many commissions and paintings of friends and family.

She often involves friends and family as collaborators in constructing her compositions and invites people to collaborate by sending them an image and requesting that they return a photo of themselves mimicking the image provided. Her paintings are peppered with tiny portraits.

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