Arati Pundikar

Arati Pundikar

She / Her
Bellevue, United States


Arati Pundikar is a Seattle based self-taught artist. She has always dabbled in painting since her childhood back in India. Her art is full of bold colors with a mix of modernity and tradition characterizing her artistic ethos.

Artist Statement

I am Arati, a digital artist from Seattle. I create art that moves me and that hopefully resonates with you too. I find inspiration in my Indian heritage and my travels around the world with a healthy mix of tradition and modernity.

Everything from Indian miniature art to sheer linen curtains & alphonso mangoes find their way into my art. My current style of choice is gouache and oil paintings though I keep experimenting with brushes, strokes and textures almost constantly.

My paintings are generally full of positive vibes and play hide and seek with realism. I hope you find some thing on my site that brings a smile on your face :-)

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