Ariana Groce

Ariana Groce

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Philadelphia, United States


Ariana, an emerging artist hailing from Columbus, Ohio, has swiftly made her mark in the world of visual art since her earnest foray into painting in 2018. With a dynamic artistic journey that seamlessly transitioned into the digital realm in 2021, Ariana's work exudes versatility and a boundless creative spirit.

Primarily wielding acrylic on canvas, Ariana's artistic repertoire extends beyond traditional mediums, showcasing her proficiency in various creative tools. Her command over a range of materials adds depth and diversity to her body of work.

Having participated in several art showcases, Ariana's distinctive style and artistic ingenuity have been acknowledged by both peers and patrons. Her pieces, imbued with a unique blend of emotion and technique, have not only garnered attention but have also found their way into the homes of appreciative art collectors.

Originally rooted in Columbus, Ariana's artistic journey led her to Philadelphia, where she currently resides. The change in surroundings has undoubtedly added new dimensions to her creativity, infusing her work with the energy of a new environment.

As she continues to traverse the artistic landscape, Ariana's dedication to her craft, combined with her evolving style, promises an exciting trajectory. With each stroke of the brush or pixel, she leaves an indelible impression, inviting viewers to join her on an artistic journey that knows no bounds.

Artist Statement

My art is a vibrant celebration of the African American experience, conveyed through acrylic on canvas and digital pieces. My process begins with introspection—an exploration of personal moments and the narratives they weave. Each piece is ignited by an incident, an emotion, or an observation from my life that resonates with me. These instances evolve into profound statements, which I then translate into sketches that capture both the essence of the moment and the message it conveys.

Utilizing acrylics allows me to infuse color and texture, creating a sensory experience that reflects the emotions within each piece. Digital art extends this exploration, merging tradition with technology to amplify the narratives.

At its core, my work is a source of positivity, aimed at uplifting my community. It embraces the resilience, beauty, and joy within, offering unity and understanding in a sometimes challenging world.

Color plays a vital role, inviting viewers to engage on multiple levels, delve into layers of meaning, and immerse themselves in unfolding stories. Ultimately, my art reflects life's myriad facets, weaving a tapestry that honors the African American spirit—radiating resilience, strength, and inspirational power.

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