Brigitte Messali

Brigitte Messali

she / her
Rockville, United States


Mosaic artist since 2008, French but living in the USA since 2001, I travelled and worked around the world as diplomat myself then following her husband, especially in the Middle East. I learnt mosaic in Beirut (Lebanon) and earn a 3 years diploma of mosaic from the ST Joseph university .
Previously, from 1982 to 2001 I was a senior financial advisor in the French ministry of Finances in Paris, with special assignment in Milan and Brussels. Then in 2001 I moved to Washington DC I became a real estate agent as associated broker with KWCP.

Participation in exhibition
University St Joseph Beirut 2011
ARTOMATIC 2012 in Virginia
Holon 2014 Israel
Pita Tikva 2014 Israel
Galleria PALL MALL London March 2015
Solo exhibition Swann House Washington DC 2018

Studio at Artists and Makers - Rockville since 2022
I currently offer classes and workshops

Artist Statement

It's all about glass tiles, marble gold and cement. It's all about colors, designs, heritage and inspiration. It's finally artwork to hang, mirrors, tables and decorative objects. 

Drawing inspiration from everyday sources like linen, carpets, and china, I meticulously craft my designs. I combine shapes and colors to weave a world rich in hues, textures, and a sense of comfort. Additionally, a significant part of my work involves translating the essence of celebrated artists like Klimt, Van Gogh, and Eastern creators into mosaic forms.

My toolkit comprises unassuming yet versatile materials – glass tiles tesserae, subtle glimmers of gold, mirrors that catch fleeting reflections, and the classic touch of marble, stone, and even fragmented china. The delicate intricacies of Murano millefiori find a place in this artistic tapestry too.

Every piece I create is meant to find a home in your space, whether adorning walls or gracing floors. And what makes each creation truly special is its individuality – a reminder of the craftsmanship that breathes life into every component, making each piece as unique as the space it inhabits.

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