Carrie Jean Goldsmith

Carrie Jean Goldsmith

She / Her
Farnham, United Kingdom


Carrie Jean Goldsmith uses various media to create both abstract and loosely representational painting and collage with colour and tonal gradation key elements to her work. Goldsmith incorporates a layering process, celebrating the sculptural quality of paint, resulting in a happening of sorts, the unforeseen.
Goldsmith endeavours to create imagery that is both compelling and ambiguous, always with a sense of light. There is a relationship to the landscape in some work whilst not being site specific. Her palette features mainly organic hues, the language of nature, with many pieces expressing a purely abstract aesthetic. There is a balance between expressionism and informed thought.

Artist Statement

I am a painter using gestural brush strokes, working very much in the moment. The only planning that takes place is re palette but that often changes midway through a painting. There is a natural, organic process that takes place and I often find there are moments of serendipity that lead the way to the final outcome of a composition.

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