Charles Conner

Charles Conner

he / him
Lynnwood, United States


Charles Conner aka The Original Spur has been an artist since the age of four. He first learned to draw Ninja Turtles from his siblings and was hooked ever since. 

Years would pass and he would continue his love of art all the way up into college, but life has a way taking your so called plans and flipping them on its head after joining the military at 17.

After a tour in Iraq, he attempted to get back to what he had known all his life but, discovered quickly that it was easier said than done. PTSD formed a mental block between his creativity and himself which hindered him for over a decade from producing even the simplest of art forms.

He now uses his creativity and imagination to create one of a kind abstract pieces filled with vibrant colors and a semi realistic interpretation of his surroundings and the African American culture, all from a black man's perspective. Creating what feels right in his heart and if it doesn't resonate, then it won't see the light of day. 

Creativity, Positivity, and Individuality. Welcome to the journey of The Original Spur!

Artist Statement

This is a place for creativity, positivity, and individuality. All work is original and each piece gives me the opportunity to share the love I have for art with each of you. Welcome! We are Spurhead!

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