Connie Resch

Connie Resch

she / her
Woodinville, United States


I'm Connie Resch, an artist and illustrator in Woodinville, Washington, USA. My childhood on a small farm nurtured my love for art and nature. While focusing on the natural sciences, I considered art an unattainable dream. I pursued a bachelor's degree in science and worked in that field, keeping art as a beloved hobby.

Relocating to the US and becoming a mother fueled my desire for artistic self-expression, especially during the pandemic. I blend history, science, and classical art in my work, drawing inspiration from traditional scientific and botanical illustration. Both human and animal portraiture has been a big passion of mine from early on, as is creating joy for others through my artwork.

Artist Statement

Connie Resch is a Canadian-born artist and illustrator residing in Woodinville, Washington. Her artistic endeavors are deeply rooted in the rich traditions of scientific illustration, while also drawing inspiration from vintage ephemera. Connie uses a diverse range of media such as colored pencils, ink, oils, and acrylics to bring her creative visions to life. Driven by an insatiable curiosity for the natural world, Connie's focus lies in capturing intricate details and mechanisms, often weaving elements of surrealism into her work. Throughout her artistic journey, she has cultivated a profound love for both human and animal portraiture, which has been a steadfast passion since the early stages of her career. In her drawings and paintings, Connie embarks on a dialogue with nature. By observing the captivating wonders that surround her she strives to invoke a sense of awe and wonder in those who view her work, deriving great joy from spreading happiness to others through her creations.

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