Douglas Black

Douglas Black

he / him
Chicago, United States


Douglas Black (1961 – ), painter, born in Glasgow, this artist spent most of his early life in Detroit where his formal education was in architecture. He studied watercolor rendering technique under acclaimed artist Roy Strickfaden, and oils and gauche under the modernist Harold Linton. Currently living in Chicago, Douglas has a neo-classical style of oil on canvas, as well as pen and ink illustrations for historical fiction author Duke Pierce Reade. His signature is simply Douglas along with the hyphenated two digit year of production. Douglas’s paintings are valued in the hundreds to low-thousands and are held in several private collections.

Artist Statement

I paint in oils, have since I was twelve, nearly fifty years ago. My output has ebbed and flowed over the decades, as have my interests changed to and from landscapes and abstractions, portraiture and flowers. Animals have grabbed my attention since the beginning of the pandemic, birds in particular, because their beauty in both color and shape exist in innocence; they know not how lovely they are. After completing a series on extinct birds, I began to study those exotic species of The Birdhouse at The Lincoln Park Zoo.

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