Elinore Bucholtz

Elinore Bucholtz

she / her
Seattle, United States


After education at UCLA, Adelphi University, and the Art Students League, Bucholtz started an art career that has gathered momentum quickly in the past couple of years with numerous shows through various arts organizations.

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Her artistic development has also moved rapidly from representational to abstract art in a very brief period of time. Her abstract art is loose and free flowing and has been described as "intuitive", " spontaneous", “creating a sense of "limitless space", having "light interact with matter in a way that breaks down the barriers between the physical and the ethereal ", offering " a cosmic, dreamy experience", conveying "the immediate pleasures of paint itself...with sensuous satisfaction and ...autonomous beauty.” "Bucholtz ...boldly carries the torch of Abstract Expressionism into the postmodern era by virtue of her energetic paint handling and unerring sense of form and color." * “...her work calls to mind the definition ‘color construction’ since she employs broad strokes of the brush and possibly the palette knife to lay down brilliant hues that function as the actual building blocks of her composition.” “The answer must be in the artist’s attention to creating a lovely balance between shape, color, and movement.” “...If paintings could jump off the canvas, these three would. The movement is palpable, bringing another aspect of enjoyment to the viewer.”

Her latest review had this to say: “...Bucholtz carries its (New York School’s) rugged yet lyrical painterly spirit handsomely into the postmodern era in acrylics...with their vibrant colors and streaked layers of pigment laid on one upon the other to create richly tactile surfaces...”

Bucholtz has used all drawing and painting media excelling in acrylics and watercolor. Her work is now in numerous collections both on the east and the west coast as well as as in England.

Artist Statement

How does a newborn see the world once its eyes are open? With wonder and, hopefully, delight. With a total lack of inhibition and much curiosity. With the spontaneity that comes from not knowing good or bad. "From the forgotten place.." whence flows all joy.

I discovered that from the forgotten place of very early childhood is where my art flows. None of the dark moments of my life seem to come thru in my work. "Why?" I don't know. My painting is where I go to forget any torment. My interior world becomes full of color and motion, the energy that activates the universe, all of life.

In terms of the historical sweep of art development, my work easily falls under the general rubric of Abstract Expressionism. However, it moves on from that approach to a more lyrical style with an innovative use of very informal strokes, incomplete forms, unusual arrangements, and "accidentals", gestures that seem to fall where they may, to create a more serendipitous experience for the viewer. My use of color, too, is unique to my style by being freely chosen based on visual connections rather than on rules.

One tendency I have not centered on is putting my art to the service of political or social agendas. I feel that art should raise people above petty squabbling and uplift its viewers. “Agendas” only darken the artist and the viewer rather than extending both toward the light.

With all these tools, I hope to show everyone who views my art the magic which is the truth behind what we think of as reality and work toward the creation of a new category of art that will be known as Abstract Lyricism, art that sings.

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