Federica Tomasi

Federica Tomasi

She / her
London, United Kingdom


I am an Italian self-taught fluid artist based in London.

My passion for art began when I first learnt about the Avant-garde art movements back in school. In particular, the work of the Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky had a deep influence on my vision (and ‘feeling’) of art. His Impressions and Improvisations series, as well as his theories in ‘Concerning the Spiritual in Art’, very revolutionarily introduced one of the many forms of abstract art and the expression of the ‘inner world’, and celebrated the human ‘subjective experience’. He believed in the beauty of pure colour and its power to touch the soul. I found this really powerful and my art has always reflected my need for giving shape to my feelings and emotions, using colours to describe them. Other artists’ works inspired me and enriched my artistic knowledge over the years, and London - with its many galleries and opportunities - is an amazing place to live if you are an art lover.

I’ve been enjoying painting since I was in my Twenties when I discovered a healing, almost therapeutic element to it. This led me to complete a Foundation course in Art Therapy later on, after I moved to London. The course was underpinned by Carl Gustav Jung’s theories about the unconscious, which added a layer of depth to my perception of art. I’ve also enrolled on creative painting courses over the years and expanded my artistic interests to interior design.

Fluid art - also known as acrylic pouring - is a recent passion that made me explore new ways to express my creativity and inner world through colours, abstractions and textures and made me realise I finally found ‘my own’ medium.

I use acrylic paints and additional media. I pour the paint onto the canvas with different techniques and then tilt it to create my composition. Once dried, I varnish my works to a gloss finish, which is also a protection from direct sun/light.

Artist Statement

My subjects are often representations of feelings, emotions, memories, reflections. Fluid art allows me to express these instinctually through colours, which are the most important conveyors of my very personal, but at the same time open to interpretation, messages.

Moreover, there is an element of unpredictability to it - it almost feels like a form of performance - that makes me feel free. Free from the duty of being true to reality of other visual, non-abstract techniques. 

Mastering the pouring techniques requires practice and dedication, but every work also requires accepting one never has full control, you can only trust yourself and go with the flow - literally. A great metaphor of life.


- Void, virtual exhibition, the Holy Art gallery, August 2022

- Free for All - Democratising the Gallery Space exhibition, Sweet Art Gallery, London, July 2022

- Faith in Art Pop Up Show, personal pop up show, Back Stage Coffee Ltd, London, June 2022 - LoCA personal show at Flo Yoga Studio, London, 21st April - 21st July 2023
- LoCa personal show at the Lion & Key Hotel, London, 4th September - 4th December 2023

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