Goga Goga

Goga Goga

Croydon, United Kingdom


Biography – Goga Rakocevic aka GOGA GOGA

I start painting in 2008, while continuing career in digital design, and not giving any credence to my work; I was painting, over and over again, new paintings on the same few canvases for many years.
During these years I explored digital art and illustration alongside painting as a hobby while pursuing my entrepreneurial projects and during the next few years I created a unique creative children’s product Make.Tshirt Kit.
The book of illustrations contained in these kits along with new material is in preparation for publication next year.

In December 2015 I stumble into photography and start painting with light.
I discovered what Lazlo Moholy-Nagy, early 20th century artist and photographer said, “photography can create a whole new way of seeing the outside world that the human eye cannot “
Working from this principal and similar to surrealism and abstract expressionism, my emphasis is on spontaneous, automatic, or subconscious creation.
I experiment with intentional camera movement and often use colour in editing to abstract the photographs further.
My work is linked by the notion of intuition and the unconscious and my abstract practice is varied and develops in different fields: painting, collage – my most recently facet, photography or art direction.

Past exhibitions:

April 2018
Solo show: "Landscape In Portrait" - Gallery Singidunum, Belgrade,

Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Goga Rakocevic, better known as Goga Goga, is an artist who develops her career in different fields: painting, collage – her most recently facet, photography or art direction.
Similar to surrealism and abstract expressionism, her art practice emphases spontaneous, automatic, or subconscious creation.

This time she is releasing her most personal project, a series of collages titled “ Portrait of an artist as a young woman”

Her creative process starts from simple drawings of three dimensional space defined by near parallel black lines and the empty white space in between them.
By cutting these into its parts she gets the main elements, recognisable in all the collage pieces in this series. Aiming to simplify both the form and the composition she adds as few other elements as possible to each piece, keeping both the form and colours to a minimum.

Engaded in reconnecting with her past and the conversation about femininity and feminism from a personal point her work is inviting the viewer to find their own interpretation of it and fill in the gap between themselves and her work.

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