GraceANN Cummings

GraceANN Cummings

she / her
Seattle, United States


​Is error a blessing or a curse?
I tell people that I paint God's mistake because my art evolved from a paranormal experience I had in 1995 where I was told that God is Forgiven. Yet my work is not about God, nor religion, nor even atheism. My work is about the universal power and presence of mortality and its association with innocence. In short, I paint images of TIME on canvas as innocent friction rather than material loss. Additionally, I capture the viewer’s participation with my art as a continuation of this innocent fractured time. My art turns error into something valuable and insightful rather than something to be avoided.

Artist Statement

Primarily I use the ancient medium of 2-D to symbolize TIME as broken , limited and structured, yet unfinished and continuing. Like the backside of a hung painting we are all absent/invisible before our birth and brought into reality through “the others” who made their mark on our canvas of life already. Once born we see ourselves reflected on the "front side" of life and become a witness to the presence of our previous absence and our mortality. We become a witness to the eternal divide in life: TIME AS FRICTION. On the front, each of us is a unique personality, somewhat unpredictable, and susceptible to change as we experience life. The compositional structure of my work expresses this enormous variety of individualism with my rotation of styles and mediums, vivid colors, energetic brush strokes, and weapons that remind us of our relationship with mortality and vulnerability. The content of my work expresses TIME(s) such as the eye led off the canvas into the future, narratives that express the conflict of the future with the past and present, vortex compositions to remind us of our inescapable connection to a fractured reality, and rhetorical word-play. My “signature” medium is mirrors, broken to remind us of mortal vulnerability, and reflective to remind us that we are all connected to eternal time and innocent sentient consciousness despite our mortality.

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