Haley Dow

Haley Dow

she / her
Seattle, United States


Haley Dow is a recent graduate of Seattle University with a double Bachelor of Arts degree in Photography and Communications & Media. The images in this series, entitled ‘Inspired by the Silence,’ capture nature during a given moment, recognizing that nature is in constant motion and indifferent to our presence. It’s independent and free.

Artist Statement

“The canon of landscape photography is saturated by the work of white men. Their photographs often echo ideas of colonialism, expansion, dominance of indigenous land, and embody European sentiments of ownership. I do not think of nature as something to conquer or own, rather it is a place of peace and reflection. Being isolated in nature is a way to process grief, especially during this difficult time of the pandemic. I am inspired by the silence I find here. Nature does not submit to my will, rather it momentarily lends itself to my lens.”

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