Ieva Ansaberga

Ieva Ansaberga

London, United Kingdom


Born in Latvia and based in London, Ieva's paintings explore the representation of the female body and its relationship with the psyche. Through experimentation with paint and colour, Ieva's work seeks to push the boundaries of how fear, pain, desire, dreams and aspirations are socially and culturally inscribed in the female body.

Artist Statement

Ieva is a Latvian-born artist who lives and works in London.

Ieva’s works contemplate the identity and freedom of the female body. They seek to challenge conventional notions of femininity and instead, emphasise the fluidity of female identity and sexuality.

Through experimentation with colour and material, Ieva's paintings present the body as a surface of memories, feelings and sensations. As a result, they transfigure the female body into a dynamic material that slides between solid and fluid, representational and abstract, archetypal and unfamiliar.

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