Insuk Kwon

Insuk Kwon

she / her
Welling, United Kingdom


I was born in Cheonju, South Korea. I majored in find art. My first solo exhibition took place in South Korea in 2005. I had 5 more solo shows and participated in many group shows, until I moved to England. Since then my career stagnated for a few years.

All of my early career took place in South Korea, although two of my works were displayed in France in Italy. One of my works was collected by the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, South Korea. My work was also featured in the government-approved textbook for middle school students, which I am extremely proud of. I'm particularly interested in small and trivial things of everyday life. I like to draw attention to them by laying them on the stage. I'm currently based in London.

Artist Statement

I sometimes wonder where I am. Even when the world around me seemed normal and peaceful, I was always anxious.
The theme of my recent works is my story of struggling in a ruined and increasingly hopeless world. It shows a situation in which people are holding out to survive.
Within the framework of destruction and loss, I often feel stifled, like I’m standing in a battlefield. My life goes on in a complicated, intertwined or disorganised fashion.
I try to unravel my inner anxiety by exposing daily fragments through my work. As a stranger, I try to show a drifting point that is marginalised and hard to settle.
The image I show is my isolated little world. I want to comfort the audience, hoping they can relate to me while looking at my world.

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