Isaac Emokpae

Isaac Emokpae

He / Him
Reading, United Kingdom


Isaac Erhabor Emokpae, is a multi faceted Visual Artist whose approach to Art is based broadly on the principle of duality.
He studied Visual Arts under the tutelage of Professor Abayomi Barber at the University of Lagos. During this time, Isaac honed his skills as a painter churning out works primarily in expressionism and surrealism art movements.
Isaac Emokpae is an award winning artist who has held several group and solo exhibitions.
He has a wide ranging portfolio that is packed full of breathtaking and Iconic artworks and images for a variety of clients.
Isaac remains very selective about his work and divides his time between painting and his photography projects.

Artist Statement

I am personally motivated by my fascination with duality and how it is expressed via my Faith (Christianity) and my culture (Bini).
The Forms and colors I work with are my primary vehicles of expression. I treat my style as a second tier in my mode of expression, so basically if the message suits Abstract Expressionism then that is what I'll revert to, the same goes for Realism and Surrealism respectively.
Most of my work starts with written personal introspection based on a single topic, either an emotion or a concept i.e Joy or Victory, Hate or Freedom. Once I have channelled my ideas as writing or musing, I paint it in whatever style best suits the end goal.
Apparently most of my conclusions are best expressed in non representational norms of expression, as I am always seeking the expression of the relationship between emotions and the human soul.

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