Jayashree Krishnan

Jayashree Krishnan

She / Her
Seattle, United States


Jayashree’s work explores the vast territories of human consciousness, puzzles hidden in ancient poems, and the modern experience of separation from other. Drawing inspiration from literary and philosophical works written in the 12th Century she aims to shed light at the intersection of history, culture, and the current state of humanity.

Artist Statement

Hidden Meanings: My art has been centered around the interconnectedness of things. That magical space in a Venn diagram where disciplines overlap; the space where no language is needed. Inspired by the timeless beauty in Sanskrit texts and mythology, I strive to shine light on hidden meanings that can serve as a guide to us even today. Sound, beat, rhythm, pattern, shape, symmetry, harmony of color, logic and code need no language. We all experience it. The poems chosen in the body of work titled “hidden meaning” hold within them images, symmetry, play and pattern. At the intersection of Literature, Mathematics, Visual Art, History and Philosophy, lies this fascinating genre that I intend to explore through painting. My art strives to create an experience for the viewer as they go through the reverse process of peeling back layers to find universal meaning that resonates within all of us. In these siloed times, it is all the more important to make a conscious effort to bring focus back to the things that connect us all.

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