Joe Tickle

Joe Tickle

Dorking, United Kingdom


I love to draw city views in a variety of wild colour schemes. I think it gives a new perspective on a lot of places as well as brightening up the landscape.
I have favoured drawing in the brighter colours for as long as I can remember, as I felt the world around me looked a bit dull and monotone. I started doing these drawings to show how colour can be used to brighten up a view.
Most of my drawings are done from photographs. I go on regular day trips to cities to find the right views, often circling around landmarks photographing them to find the right angle.
I also do a lot of commissioned drawings. Sometimes, these are views that people have
After I’ve chosen a view to draw, I draw all the outlines in fine black pen. The ink drawing is then scanned and reproduced as prints alongside the colour ones. Once this stage is complete, the next is to fill it in in coloured pencil, which I think creates good contrasts and a nice variety of textures.

All my works are available as originals, prints and cards.

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