Julio Guerra

Julio Guerra

he / him
London, United Kingdom


Julio Guerra is a London-based graphic artist with a keen interest in representing the world around him. His style is bold, geometric and colourful.

He studied Graphic Arts as well as Sociology in his native Venezuela, and furthered his training at Central St. Martins  in London. 

If forced to chose, his top three art movements are geometric abstraction, suprematism and colour field painting. However he casts a wide net for inspiration; trends in contemporary fashion and culture, 20th Century art and design, and Renaissance paintings in galleries around the world all hold a fascination for this artist-cum-sociologist.

His work has been exhibited at The Cruz-Diez Museum of Print and Design in Caracas and prints from the collections displayed here have found private and commercial customers in a number of global locations. He always is visiting galleries, museums all around the world and searching for new tendencies in graphic design, fashion industry and architecture.  

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