Katie McGlade

Katie McGlade

she / her
Ardmore, United States


Katie Conway McGlade began having fun with found objects and portraiture using the earliest Haloid black-and-white and color Xerox™ copy machines. She further honed her skills in alternative photographic techniques, artists books, and printmaking at the Visual Studies Workshop and while earning her MFA at Tyler School of Art.

Currently, McGlade works in photomontage and collage by experimenting with Photoshop as a digital paintbrush. Vignettes of personal and public domain imagery, curious textures, vivid colors, and common text are re-worked by changing hue, intensity and vibrancy - and by embracing lucky accidents.
McGlade’s art is influenced by a myriad of artists, photographers, printmakers, and poets who break the norms… experimentalists like Dadaists, Futurists, Impressionists, and Japanese ukiyo-e artists. Her practice revolves around storytelling in the spirit of exploring the nuances of myth and certitude.

The recent "Adverbly" series delves into the intrinsic connections between images and words, which can be subtle or multi-layered as they modify each other. Vibrant hues embrace the image/wordplay creating an unexpected and immersive experience. For the beholder, there are countless ways of experiencing the art.

Artist Statement

Art lives deep in my bones, growing, supporting, and defining me since childhood. During my MFA at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, I learned to examine the blurry edges of what it means to be an Artist. Questions like 'What if?' and 'Why not?" nudge me daily. Vibrant colors, curious scenes, odd shapes, and new intersections can lead to something unexpected that hopefully ignites joy and wonder in the beholder.

The Adverbly series prompts pictures and words to modify each other, leading the imagination somewhere new. I believe Art should spark a visceral connection and be accessible. I invite viewers to view a work whose adverb, color or imagery inspires an unexpected message or adds intrigue to their day, then see where it leads them.

While creating, I follow my instinct and desire to connect through exploration and play – blending my own pictures with others culled from the public domain. Artmaking is a deeply immersive activity steeped in experimentation and discovery. Each work is an assemblage: adding, deleting, editing, and adding that final touch, often a single word.

Simply put, I know where to find the portal to my magical mystery tour and I welcome each new adventure. In the creative moment, I leave my head and enter my heart. Hopefully, these images help others to do the same.

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