Lesley O'Neill

Lesley O'Neill

London, United Kingdom


Slade School of Fine Art 1989-1991
HDFA Printmaking

Staffordshire University 1986-89
Fine Art BA (Hons)

Recent Awards
On The Spectrum Award, finalist. (sadly the award had to be put on hold)
Flourish Award for Excellence in Printmaking Touring Exhibition - Finalist. 

Selected Exhibitions
Royal Society of British Artists - 2023
Festival of Print - 2022
Woolwich Contemporary Printmaking - 2022
Kofferraum Haus Gallery, Solo Show - 'Sound Advice My Parents Gave Me' online Micro Gallery - 2022
International Original Print - 2021
Woolwich Contemporary - 2021
Southbank Printmakers - 2021

Member of Professional Bodies 
ArtCan Artist Member
Visual Artists Association
East London Printmakers, Associate Member

After graduating from the Slade I continued my practice from a studio in East London, developing my work and teaching for a further four years. 
After a life changing event I had to put my work on hold.
In 2020 after a personal tragedy I returned full time to my life as an Artist and began Printmaking again. My life and work changed somewhat by a diagnosis of Autism and ADHD I continue my practice from my home in Islington, London. 

Artist Statement

I am an Artist, Printmaker whose work is predominantly figurative. 
I am telling a story, the characters are dolls most of which I have made myself.  Mostly crocheted but also puppets. 
I find making the doll first gives me a feel of the 3D aspect of creating a 2D image.  I know its contours intimately, the lines on the face I have created with my less than perfect stitching, like the healing of a wound. I know it's body inside and out.
I create a scenario for them, draw and then transfer the image onto my chosen surface.
At present I am enjoying working with wood, I appreciate the way it splinters and the joy of relinquishing some of the control.
For my stories I take inspiration from childhood events, memories that are real but also exaggerated.
My titles are of great importance to me, I consider them to be part of the work, hopefully they have some humour.  
Recently I have been experimenting with new (to me) Printmaking techniques. Firstly Mokulito, a Japanese practice of Wood Lithography. This allows for a more drawn look to a piece but also has room for some traditional cutting methods.  The grain of the wood is also more visible especially if it is scorched beforehand.  I have had some success with this process but it is still very much work in progress  
Secondly, Mokuhanga, Japanese Woodblock Printing. This varies a great deal from traditional western Woodcuts.  Water based pigments are used instead of ink and the image consists of a number of blocks using a form of registration called  'Kento'.  I am only a few weeks into this way of working but I am hopeful it will add another dimension to my work, I just have to practise!‹  

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