Liezl Anday Mabulay

Liezl Anday Mabulay

she / her
London, United Kingdom


Liezl Anday Mabulay (LAM) is a self taught artist based in London, United Kingdom. She is a Registered Nurse by profession and originally from the Philippines. She is passionate, imaginative and consistently developing different techniques to push her conceptual boundaries in order to improve her artwork.

At the age of 7 when she started to fall in love with art. Her late brother handed her a different story book with loads of colourful pages on them which amazes her every time she turns each page. Thereafter, she knew that she wanted to draw those beautiful characters and scenery on paper.

Liezl used her talent in art beginning from Primary School up to completing her Bachelor's Degree in Nursing to get extra points from all her paperworks. Ever since then her passion for art does not fail her to captivate the attention of her professors and fellow classmates.

But her love for art halted temporarily due to financial difficulties and circumstances forced her to concentrate on fulfilling her profession in Nursing. Nevertheless, the fire to learn art goes deeper as time goes by. She started collecting photos from the work of Monet, Van Gohn, Leonardo Da Vinci and even Michaelagelo to study their techniques and get some inspiration to build her artwork.

In 1997, when she received her first paycheck as a Registered Nurse, the first thing she bought was art supplies. The still life of a bowl of fruits and vegetables using an oil paint as a medium was her very first painting on a canvas.

In 2020, Liezl’s very first commissioned painting came to view, with a title “Night Sky” using Acrylic painting on a canvas. The day she realised that it was worth taking her art into the next level and showcase her art into the world.

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