Lisa Cox

Lisa Cox

She / Her
Portland, United States


As a fiber artist, Lisa draws inspiration from the natural world. She brings her vision to life using techniques such as crochet, weaving, and needle felting, Her pieces have been showcased in numerous galleries, events, and publications, including Wovenutopia magazine. Lisa began her artistic journey in Washington, D.C., and has since moved to Portland, OR, where she is eager to continue building her creative practice.

Artist Statement

Lisa draws inspiration for her fiber art pieces from her time spent in nature, where she finds solace in moments of solitude. Her fascination with textiles began with a college thesis on felt and grew into a brief career in apparel design. Now, she uses fibers to recreate the textures and colors she encounters outdoors. Lisa employs various techniques, such as crochet, weaving, and needle felting, to create pieces with layers and depth. The repetitive motions of these techniques become meditative and help her stay grounded in her work, mirroring the same sense of presence she experiences in nature. By using natural fibers in neutral palettes, Lisa's art pieces emanate warmth, grounding, and kindness, just like her favorite moments in nature.

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