Lisa Stencel

Lisa Stencel

she / her
Seattle, United States


I am a mom to six amazing people, wife to one beautiful woman, teacher, amateur photographer, and lover of nature and animals. For nearly 5 decades, I have photographed everything from concerts to architecture all over the country. However, my favorite photos to capture are in nature, specifically up-close shots of flowers, fungi, and trees.

Artist Statement

Ever since my older sister gave me her Nikon DSL nearly 50 years ago, I have been fascinated with photography. I love how photos capture all kinds of emotions and moments in an instant and then you have that moment forever.

While I was studying at Roosevelt University in Chicago, I had the privilege of being able to walk across the street to the Chicago Art Museum on a regular basis. It was there that I found Georgia O'Keefe and her gorgeous up-close paintings of flowers and the outdoors. I was smitten right away with the big, bright colors of a petal or skull and use that inspiration for my photography.

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