Louise Treadway

Louise Treadway

She / her
Beaverton, United States


I have always been an artist but have never been able to give my art the time and space it needed until I recently retired. I was born and raised in Brooklyn New York before it was a "cool" place. I was accepted by the High School for Art and Design but my parents convinced me to go to a regular highschool. When it came time for college I went to Alfred University and earned a Bachelor's in Fine Art. I also completed course work at the School of Visual Arts in New York City and learned graphic design techniques which I used to work in commercial art in my twenties.

I moved to Hawaii in my early thirties to pursue my painting again, but making a living was so consuming my art fell by the wayside. When I did pick it up it just wasn't the same.

I now live in Beaverton Oregon with my husband and our dog. When the pandemic hit I started painting again to relieve my stress and was overjoyed to rediscover something that I loved so much. Three years later I retired and the dormant seed of my art is coming back to life!

Artist Statement

I am a realistic painter. I work in gouache and pastels. Natural forms inspire me. When you look at my art I want you to sink into the image and see the rhythms and fractal designs that I see.

I love to stare into the depths of flowers. They are ephemeral, tiny, delicate, yet powerful. I capture their image in my photographs and then I blow them up and shrink them down when I paint them. I want to catch the light as it moves through the petals and leaves. There is so much subtleties in the angles and shapes between and within the forms that make my eye move around the images on the page.

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