Lucie Streiff-Rivail

Lucie Streiff-Rivail

Portland, United States


After studying humanities, I very naturally became a book publisher. I started as an editorial assistant for a classical music label, then I moved to art book publishing. I had the opportunity to contribute as an author to several youth documentary books about art history.
As a publisher specialized in art books, I especially enjoy the encounter of texts and pictures. I grew up amongst books, from Roald Dahl’s novels illustrated by Quentin Blake, or Michael Ende’s world of symbols (The neverending story), to French and German traditional fairy tales. Until today, I stayed attached to traditional stories and music. Over time I added some knowledge of biblical narratives and ancient myths, and absorbed this cultural heritage that combines mystery, poetry and description of the human spirit. This was a key to access classical arts and music. On the other hand, I kept exploring the world of European comic books and graphic novels – like the works of Enki Bilal, of Guarnido (Blacksad) or Loisel (Peter Pan, Magasin Général). This is how I rooted at the intersection between narration and illustration. 
I moved to the United States with my family in 2017. Through this move I got in touch with a whole new world: the American society, its culture and history, its music. Now that the kids are growing, I find more time for a variety of projects that I seize as they come up on the way, between writing, drawing, and music.

Artist Statement

Through my art I want to explore the symbols of roots and origins. I want my pictures to show the presence of a movement, a gesture, like a trace of something alive. From this perspective, I'm working on the presence of imperfection as a statement of life, and on the integration of unplanned elements into the creative process - random chance, mistakes, spontaneity, changes of plan. 
I work with mixed medias, mostly inks and oil pastels, and I'm in the middle of figuring out how to combine a black ink line with colors.
I also make 3D collages based on random things I gathered in my everyday life. I like to combine elements from nature with manufactured objects to create symbolic and poetic spaces of meaning.

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