Maria Brandi

Maria Brandi

She / her
London, United Kingdom


I have been full time unpaid carer for my husband for 30yrs which has meant it has been difficult to establish a career for myself.
In my 20’s I went to Winchester School of Art and painting has been my passion ever since, with art becoming my sanctuary, the one place where I could be myself, where I can breathe and just embrace my creativity. 
I’ve been involved with an Art Collective for carers and this has given me access to a studio and a support framework that has really helped my creative development.
Having taken part in five exhibitions with the group I’m now finding the confidence to move forward and carve out a path for myself. 
Painting is a great space to work things out, it’s like a friend that I confide in and whom gives me freedom and autonomy. 
My work is expressionistic, I aim to capture the emotional resonance of the figure, or landscape.

Artist Statement

I have been involved with Camden carers collective  for about eight years.  It is a great space to work as it offers support and helps me to feel less isolated.
Mostly I use paint. I love expressionist painters; I tend to work quickly, and try not to think too much. I think that way the work is more spontaneous, and more truthful.
I also love using colour and I try to relate my work to my own life- to reflect my own experience.
When I work I feel like I am playing- like a child. It's fun. My mind switches off, and I become completely involved in what I am doing. It can be hard work- but it is enjoyable work!

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