Mehdi Malekzandi

Mehdi Malekzandi

Bethesda, United States


Mehdi Malekzandi (b. 1977) is an Iranian American multidisciplinary artist. He resides in the Washington, D.C. area with his wife, Tatiana.

Mehdi is a lifelong student of the craft of painting and drawing. He also studied visual and electronic media art while at Carnegie Mellon University, where he obtained a degree in Creative Writing.

Artist Statement

Mehdi explores fairy tale and preternatural motifs primarily through painting with a bend toward absurdism. His goal is to engage the audience and create a visceral reaction, positive or negative, and challenge perceptions. His inspirations include Kent Monkman, Charline von Heyl, Yoshitaka Amano, Kentarou Miura, and Mahmoud Farshchian.

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