Melynda Hayes

Melynda Hayes

They / Them
Seattle, United States


Melynda Hayes is an acrylic landscape artist heavily inspired by exploring the Great Pacific Northwest their whole life. Born and raised around Washington their art enhances that mystic feeling that prevails throughout the region.

Artist Statement

I lose myself in the strokes of a painting the same way I get lost in a forest preserve; not having a clue where I am but knowing I am safe on a trail and will find my way at some point.

Art has no expectations or boundaries, it's limitless and freeing and there never has to be a reason for it. Art makes everything else fade away; expectations wash off your brush every time you clean it and all limits life has placed on you disappear under each mountain you create.

Every painting I do is a little painting of myself, all bits and pieces and jagged edges coming together in a swirl of color that when you stand in front of I hope gives you the illusion of a breeze too cold on your face or of wet sand under your feet.

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