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Seattle, United States


I am a painter and illustrator based in Seattle, Washington. Art has been my entire life. I decided that I was going to become a professional artist at age 9 and began to spend all my spare time (and some of my not spare time) drawing. In my early teens I was attracted to Hip-Hop music and artists which drew me to graffitti and street art and my current identity as an artist. In high school I took every visual arts class offerred--drawing, paintng, sculpture, graphic design, 3d modeling, and animation--to develop my basic skills. After high school I majored in graphic design with a minor in fine arts at the University of San Francisco. After I graduated from The University of San Francisco I decided to go back to my hand-made art roots and began working in a style that I call the "Blue Meanies Series" -- inspired by the Blue Meanies from The Beatles Yellow Submarine movie and the style that I continue to develop to this day. My work now merges intriguing character design, bold graphic colors and converging lines to tell relatable stories with acrylic paint. The mixed elements of street art, pop art, and cubism bring vibrancy to my message and I am excited to see how this will continue to evolve.

Artist Statement

The characters in my paintings are extreme representations of facets of my personality and experiences. My goal is to present the characters in a way that the viewer can understand my original concept and can also relate the character to their own life, personality, and experiences. For me these paintings are conversation and therapy. As I create characters whose backstory reflects some part of me, I internally converse with the characters and viewers. This allows me to compartmentalize different tiles of my whole mosaic and present them on the canvas. I can then reflect on how that part fits with the whole of me. In this way I am able to converse with myself from a third person perspective, then converse with the viewer about myself, them, and the world at large whether or not I have the privilege to meet them in person. For the viewers, I want the paintings to be a representation of the human experience--evoking emotions, memories, and characteristics that represent both shared humanity and individual uniqueness and provoking ongoing conversation, both internal and external.

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