Nat Lyra Chateauneuf

Nat Lyra Chateauneuf

she / her
Twickenham, United Kingdom


London based artist who loves telling stories!!!

Artist Statement

My work explores concepts which are often difficult to put into words - mental illness, complex emotions, and dreams. I like to play with surrealism, fairytales and fantasy because sometimes it's the only way to express what I want to say.

My drawings are created with black fine liners, and/or ink and nibs. I like to add intricate and repetitive detail, reminiscent of old etchings or fairy tale illustrations. it's a satisfying process.

My paintings are the opposite - full of colour and totally lacking in detail. Apart from a few focal points, detail is no longer important to me when I paint. I mostly use acrylic and watercolour, but have been experimenting more with gouache and oils too. They are more playful, and often inspired by my own experiences, predominantly photos that I take when I travel. I want to capture the feeling I get when I see something and feel that uncontrollable urge to take a picture.

I've started to play with mixing my intricate black and white drawings with elements of vibrant paint, just to see what happens.

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