Neeraj Narayan

Neeraj Narayan

He / Him
Portland, United States


As an artist and creative person, my life has been full of color, emotion, and imagination. From a young age, I showed a passion for expressing myself through art, and you have spent your entire life exploring different mediums and techniques to bring your visions to life. Growing up, I spent countless hours drawing, painting, and experimenting with different materials. My parents recognized my talent early on and encouraged me to pursue my passion. 

As you grew older, I continued to develop your skills and explore new avenues of creativity. I experimented with photography, sculpture, and mixed media, always striving to push the boundaries of what was possible.

After completing my formal education as a civil engineer, I decided to pursue a career as a corporate professional while keeping my deep interest in art and creativity. In 2020, I  set up a studio and began creating work that spoke to your unique perspective and artistic vision. I exhibited your pieces at local galleries and art shows and soon gained a following of dedicated fans who appreciated your bold, imaginative style.

Over the years, your work has evolved and grown as you have continued to explore new ideas and techniques. You have taken risks and experimented with new mediums, constantly pushing yourself to create something that is both beautiful and thought-provoking.

My artwork has been featured in exhibitions locally, and I am working with a broader audience.  The most inspiring about my story is my unwavering commitment to your craft. I  have never been content to rest on my laurels or to become complacent in my creative pursuits. Instead, I have always pushed myself to grow, learn, and evolve, and your art is a testament to the boundless potential of human imagination.

Artist Statement

As a portrait artist, I am deeply passionate about capturing the essence of a person's character and personality through my art. Each portrait is an opportunity to delve into the unique qualities that make an individual truly special and to translate those qualities into a visual form that can be treasured for years.

My artistic process begins with getting to know my subjects. My subjects are in news, events, and people who inspire me. I also work with some subjects; I research them and observe them in their natural environment. This allows me to develop a sense of their character and capture their personality nuances in my art.

Technically, I employ a range of mediums and techniques in my portrait work. Whether working in oil, acrylic or spray paint, I constantly explore new ways to capture my subjects’ intricate details and emotions. From the subtle lines of a smile to the play of light and shadow across the face, each portrait element is an opportunity to create a powerful and evocative work of art.

Ultimately, my goal as a portrait artist is to create art that captures the likeness of my subjects and speaks to their humanity and individuality. I want to tell more stories of marginalized communities like Native Americans, immigrants, and women of color. I want to share their humanity and individuality and create beautiful and meaningful works that will make an impact. 

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