Nick Riesland

Nick Riesland

Lake Forest Park, United States


Nick's art awareness emerged in unfamiliar settings among the several countries in which he lived and worked during his prior non-art career. The many world cultures that he encountered during this time exert ongoing influences towards his art and creativity. In 2015 he entered a three-year atelier program at Gage Academy of Art in Seattle. This program helped him develop baseline skill sets and expanded his knowledge in painting techniques and traditions. Today, his Seattle art practice revolves almost solely around painting, which he enjoys and finds a continuing challenge. He finds that the Seattle art community provides an exciting and stimulating atmosphere in which to pursue his work. He also very much appreciates the pro-equity emphasis he finds in this community toward artists who have traditionally been underrepresented.

Artist Statement

In our time, the inundation of digital images is extraordinary. Yet perhaps surprisingly, people remain captivated by works using traditional media, such as painting and sculpture, and continue crowding museums to experience their marvelous power. Painting, for me, transforms that which it seeks to captivate, thereby promising to bring a new experience to the viewer, even inviting participation. I like to hope that this process, and what I bring forth through working it out, will hook the eye and engage the psyche. I feel extremely fortunate to engage in this transformation, whether painting from life, from photos, or from pure imagination, across an undulating range of subjects.

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