Orsina Pasargiklian

Orsina Pasargiklian

she / her
London, United Kingdom


I am an Italian visual artist based in London, UK.
I developed a passion for art practice and art history at a very young age, and after graduating from high school in my hometown of Milan, I moved to London where I completed a BA in Fine Art in 2012.
After graduating, I attended two residency programs, one in Beijing, China and one in New York, USA, where I started working as an art tutor. I currently work as a professional artist and I am now a member of ArtCan, and I also work as an art teacher in London.

Artist Statement

I have always been interested in the way cities were represented in visual art, and I have based the foundation of my practice on reflecting on the role cityscapes have played throughout art history.

Very often urban landscapes are used to visually speak for the social climate of a given place and/or moment in time. My practice references cartography, architecture, science and social science, and I incorporate these elements into an aesthetic that is reminiscent of romantic art. With my work, I reflect on the artistically overproduced and romanticised cityscape and respond to it by creating my own rendition of an urban scenery that contemplates on and is informed by its current social climate.

I started using maps in my work as a mean to study the city from a different perspective, one that rather than portraying the ambience within, makes the audience look at cities in a global context, as part of a bigger picture.

Geometry also plays an important role in my practice. I use three-dimensional structures with vertiginous perspectives to encapsulate the essence of urban architecture. My use of geometric clusters and patterns rendered with earthy colours, propose natural growth, drawing a comparison to living organisms, and suggesting that cities are evolving and developing in time like they have a life and ecosystem of their own.

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