Roxann Murray

Roxann Murray

She / her
Tacoma, United States


Roxann Murray is an Emmy award-winning artist based in Tacoma, Washington. She was born in the Pacific Northwest, has practiced photography for 20 years and graphic design for 14 years. Her images have been used in newspapers, a TV show, a video game, a music video, art books,and a literary arts magazine. A few organizations she has collaborated with are hitRECord, Elephant Nature Park, and the City of Seattle’s Office of Arts and Culture. In 2009, she received her B.A. in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences with a certificate of high scholarship from UW Tacoma. Roxann has spent much of her time on the road documenting a variety of places in the United States, including the National Parks. Her international travels include Thailand, Costa Rica, the Marshall Islands, Bali, London, and the Philippines.

The majority of Roxann’s photographs focus on pattern and color. She brings attention to hidden beauties such as a plant pushing through cracked concrete or an old rusty truck on the side of a road. Since she was a child, she has had a strong connection with nature and animals. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Roxann developed an affection for trees, fungi, ferns, and the seashore. While photographing people and community, she prefers to shoot candidly rather than have the subjects pose; that way, she captures who they really are. Since Roxann is Nakota on her father’s side, she tries to view the world through a decolonized perspective and live in a way that she hopes make her ancestors proud.

Roxann’s life goal is to continue her travels and visit every continent on the planet. When she’s not making art, Roxann is reading, exploring, gardening, or planning her next adventure.

Artist Statement

Although I do not limit myself to the subjects I photograph, I enjoy capturing images of wildlife and nature the most, along with documenting my travel experiences. I enjoy learning and I am always hungry for new knowledge and experiences. I believe that may be one reason why I feel the need to travel with a camera in my hand. Traveling and photography can be uncomfortable, messy, and sometimes heartbreaking. However, they open up opportunities for new experiences with culture, belief systems, conservation, and human interaction. They push one’s comfort level and pull on the heartstrings.
I also use photography to bring awareness to environmental struggles and social change. These aspects may seem undesirable- we do not want to see the destruction or think about what direction society is going. In my eyes, we must witness it. Photography makes it accessible and creates empathy in the viewer. When we know about the issues, we can create solutions to solve them or alleviate the pain that is caused.

The majority of my photographs and graphic design work aim to magnify pattern, color, shape, and contrast because of their visual appeal both to myself and my audience. I also focus on bringing attention to the beauty of hidden or ordinary things such as a plant pushing through cracked concrete or an old rusty truck on the side of a road. The unseen is often the most beautiful.

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