Sarah Sutcliffe

Sarah Sutcliffe

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Hobart, United States



Photographing and telling the stories of these amazing horses has become a passion project of mine. I hope to spread the message and our desperate cries for help as we seek safety for the horses. Allow them to remain free and untouched as they have for many years. Currently the government plans to continue using cruel helicopter roundup methods to lock up thousands of mustangs each year. Many of them go on to live the remainder of their life in tiny pens, separated from their families and their land. Some are killed during roundups and worst, some are sent into the slaughter pipeline.

I am dedicated to advocating for these beautiful creatures, their safety and their land. Please know that 20% of your purchase goes directly to their conservation.

Artist Statement


Nestled deep in the Utah desert mountains, the Onaqui mustangs have lived wild + free since the late 1800s. The herd is full of diverse horses with ties to Spanish breeds. You can find unique pintos and beautiful roans. Observing and photographing them at peace on their land is truly one of the most incredible things I have ever witnessed. This collection features several of my favorite wild horses. Some thankfully, still remain wild while others suffered in the cruel round ups last year. The black and white collection pieces titled, 'ABANDON' feature horses in kill pens. Less than 20% of these horses will get adopted.
Each piece is printed on museum quality canvas. Some are framed to enhance features of the art while others are left unframed to maximize the nature beauty of the photo. I hope you enjoy this collection and help me to tell the stories of our nation's wild horses.

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